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The Top 5 Gifts to Send your Mum or Grandma for Mother’s Day


Belinda B

Of course the perfect gift for Mum or Grandma will always be your time and company! How lovely if you could do one of those chores she always had to nag you to do when you were young, like walk her dog or mow the lawn! But what if time or geography prohibit that, or, what if you do all that anyway but just fancy making her Mothers Day extra special?

1. Flowers – the traditional gift for Mothering Sunday is, of course, flowers. Originating from the days when children would pick small bunches of wild flowers from the hedgerows to present to their Mum this is a lovely tradition. However flowers seem to work best when they are either a simple, handpicked, bunch of spring flowers or a fabulous, over the top bouquet, anything else in between perhaps isnt quite special enough, and we know, that you know, to avoid cellophane wrapped lego brick coloured flowers from the garage forecourt, (yes, gentlemen, were talking to you)!

2. Chocolates very few of us can resist these, even more so now we know that chocolate is choc full of anti-oxidants! So go ahead treat you Mum or Grandma to a selection of her favourites, do make sure though that shes not on a diet, diabetic, given them up for Lent or any one of the million other reasons she might be a bit disappointed with her gift!

3. Jewellery this certainly makes it into the top 5 gifts for Mothers Day. Most Mums and Grandmas will love a piece of jewellery that has been especially selected for them, choose something that you really like, chances are shell love it too, and its lovely to be given something one wouldnt have chosen for oneself only to see it become one of ones favourites. If you are selecting for a older lady eliminate necklaces with fiddly clasps and choose one instead that fastens magnetically or can go straight over her head. Brooches are incredibly popular, especially the vintage inspired ones and do check out the fab, felt, flower corsages that most ladies have fallen in love with!

4. A Pretty Nightgown probably not something youd thought of, but, even though Marilyn Monroe went to bed wearing nothing but a dab of Chanel No.5 and a smile most ladies need something a little more demure! Whether Mum is off to visit friends for the weekend, off on a long awaited holiday, or has to spend some time in hospital a new nightie will make her feel special and pampered. Choose one that is easy to wear, easy to care for but still beautiful and shell know it was a gift you put some thought into.

5. Anything from Net2Nana well yes we probably would say that wouldnt we but it is true! Weve put a lot of care and thought into selecting gifts for the website because we want to make sure that every single item on there will be received with delight. We know that ladies of any age love gifts that are stylish, contemporary and glamorous, we just ensure that all the features of our products are designed with Mums and Grandmas in mind. Of course we then giftwrap for free, can write a gift tag with your choice of words and send the present out 1st class. So go ahead and choose from a selection of bags, jewellery, knitwear, perfumes,scarves and gorgeous gifts

Enjoy choosing, and to all the Mums, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunts and all ladies out there Happy Mothers Day!.

Belinda is an experienced retail buyer of gifts for older ladies. She is also the owner of, home to gorgeous gifts for Mums and Grandmas, giftwrapped and sent to her.

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The Top 5 Gifts to Send your Mum or Grandma for Mother’s Day}