A Review Of The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program


Jeremy C. Winters

Institutional Forex traders and large investments banks have been raking in massive profits from the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market for decades but only until recently has the Forex market been available to smaller investors and individuals.


The “retail” Forex market exploded into the mainstream a few years ago and along with it came mobs of shady Forex brokers, internet marketers, and fake Forex gurus, flooding the market with hundreds of trading seminars, Forex robots (Expert Advisors) and so called automated trading systems all promising easy riches in the Forex market. The sad truth is that the majority of traders and trading systems fail to make a single dime. In fact most traders and trading systems actually lose money. Many investors seeking to create passive income have turned to managed trading accounts. However, as you probably know, finding quality managed trading accounts is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Currensee, a trading company with its main corporate office located in Boston, MA, licensed by the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Financial Services Authority (UK) has pioneered a Forex investment and trading model connecting investors with some of the world’s best Forex traders and Automated Trading Accounts. Back in 2009, with CEO, Dave Lemont leading the company, Currensee created and launched the world’s first global social network for Forex traders and money managers and in 2010 they brought auto traded Forex accounts to an entirely new level by introducing their Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program. The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program provides investors with all levels of experience the opportunity to leverage the expert knowledge and real life experience of some of the best and most profitable Forex traders, while allowing the investor to maintain full control of their investment account. This new model of Forex investing gives you the incredible ability to follow and automatically execute the trades of the most profitable Currensee traders, which they call “Trade Leaders.” Currensee Trade Leaders are the best of the best and each are hand selected out of a pool of literally thousands of Forex traders on the Currensee Forex trading social network. Essentially as an investor you get to hire some of the most profitable and successful Forex traders in the world. Sounds great but the question is does the Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program actually deliver real profits? In my experience as a Forex trader and with various managed trading accounts and automated trading systems as well as personal recommendations from friends and fellow investors benefiting from the Currensee program I must say that the Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program is definitely the real deal and a breath of fresh air in the world of Forex investing. How Does the Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program Work? Once the Trade Leaders are picked and extensively screened for consistency, profitability, historical performance and most importantly their risk management, the Trade Leaders Investment Program platform then allows you to follow and add the best performing Forex traders to your own custom automated trading portfolio. You then sit back and monitor their performance with a variety of custom performance metrics which measure the performance of each trader in your account with a proprietary algorithm called the Currensee Trader Authority Index (TAI) score, which tracks and measures each traders performance in the areas of profitability, cumulative returns, risk, trading style and experience. Once you’ve chosen the Trade Leaders you want to follow, whenever the traders execute a trade on their personal accounts the Currensee platform will automatically execute the exact trade in your own live trading account. Currensee Major Benefits The ability to create truly hands free passive income by having top Forex traders grow your money for you is incredible all by itself, but what’s really impressive is the fact that as an investor following the Currensee Trade Leaders you get a level of professionalism and transparency that up until now has been virtually unheard of. Your success is literally directly linked to their success. They only profit if you profit. However, you get the added benefit of remaining in complete control of your account at all times.

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A Review Of The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program