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The most important thing to remember when you underlay carpet is that it should give support where it is going to wear the most. A poor underlay for carpet or one that is badly laid down can lead to a very different scenario – that of pile flattening. The depressed area is seen very clearly in those areas of the carpet that are walked on most, as these do not have the support they should be given. The underlay for carpet should provide a firm but springy base that helps it to be comfortable underfoot and also remain even.

A good carpet underlay is vital. Sometimes a domestic carpet underlay is just not heavy-duty enough to get the job done in areas of high traffic, or in a commercial setting. The brand called Durafit is iron man, giving you hardwearing underlay that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it. You might want an underlay for carpet that is all purpose. It should be able to recover 100% from any prolonged stress it is put under.


However, stress is not the only issue which determines which underlay for carpet is the most suitable for your purpose. It should be high density certainly. However, you need to take a look at the tog value to check the insulation and warmth properties. The other consideration when you underlay carpet is the size of the area you are covering. If the area is large then the underlay for carpet you use must not be too thick otherwise the movement between the underlay and flooring will lead to damage to the surface. Relatively thin double stick applications are ideal for this purpose.

High performance sponge rubber and PU foam underlays give that extra, sumptuous, comfort to make your home feel really special. So when you spend a small fortune on a fine carpet, you also need to underlay it suitably to prolong its life. Choosing the right quality underlay for carpet can make all the difference to your home. Now, you can buy the underlay carpet of your choice and can see the different types of underlays on website while sitting in your home.

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