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Trend analysis & short term equity guide


Short term investors are looking to invest in share market for expected higher ROI in limited period of time frame, compared to other form of investment, keeping in mind down side valuation risk and negative earnings. Short term trading v/s Investing Day trading may earn you higher return, but it also has more risk associated with it. Short term trading with low margin money and heavy exposure may wipe of your bank balance in quick time. Sensible Derivative trading techniques may be useful to boost up your earnings with limited risk. Live market website providing information on stock market based on technical analysis, with bazaar trend and chart buster stock tips may help in picking right stock for short term trading. Technical charts may give you vital indication on shares which are looking weak on charts. Expert opinion and guide can be handy in cherry picking and bargain buying at reasonable price level where valuations for company stocks are looking attractive on technical & fundamental grounds Short term investing for sufficient time span is always a good habit and help you control your losses as such investors are not looking for a quick gain but concentrating more on value buying shares which are fundamentally as well as technically looking attractive for long term investment. Such investors are looking to generate good portfolio with equity of good companies falling under large cap, mid cap and small cap segments, from different sectors like metal, cement, infrastructure, IT, banking, FMCG, PSU, oil etc which will give them good ROI in long run. Here more focus is given on company’s financial results, dividend payment and bonus issue records of past years

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Trend analysis – equity guide – Derivative trading