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Microsoft Access Database 2016 eBook

With Microsoft Access database 2016 is genuine business tool which can add value and benefit SME sized businesses which makes up part of the ‘back-office’ operations and is vital to have in place even if you are very focussed and keen to go out into the field and promote and sell your products or services.

The key benefits for SMEs are:

1. Low cost – If you have a copy of Microsoft Office (Professional or higher) installed on your desktop or accessible as part of the Office 365 plan, then you probably have Microsoft Access sitting there too since its part of this suite of powerful applications.

2. True flexibility – Anyone can create and use an Access database and you do not need a degree in programming either. With some structured training and having no knowledge of computer programming (which is optional for this system), you can have a database to be proud of and pay you dividends in the long term.

3. Scalable, ready for data migration – In the true sense of the word, Microsoft Access is not a true client/server database system and the built-in data management tools do not handle data scalability all too well. However, this system can be migrated into a larger database system (SQL Server for example) as and when the business has out grown the current database. Theres no worry for now as MS Access is very flexible!

4. Longevity – Any system designed should always be planned and built to a defined life cycle. I normally gain an insight into the business requirements and their goals and normally allow for a 5 to 10 year life span which Access caters to.

5. Collaboration – The thing I like about Access is the ability and seamlessness of how it integrates with the other Microsoft applications namely Excel and Outlook (email) – all paid up as part of the plan.

My latest Access database 2016 eBook will guide from start to finish and build a polished and professional database application for your business.

Check out this link and claim you free 30-day email support to assist you along – the very cost effective way to getting trained.

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If you are new to Access or wish to know what is MS Access, please take a look at An Introduction To Microsoft Access.

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